Si-Ti-Zn. Our SiTiZn name indicates a concentration on the major elements used in plasma
technology and is our connection to decades of experience in this industry.

Si, Silicon relates to the current push in solar cell manufacturing and our constant goal for bringing customers the highest efficiencies in the field.

Ti, Titanium connected technologies are providing our customers new opportunities in thin
film coatings.

Zn, Zinc innovation is helping to propell SiTiZn interests into a new era of steel galvanization.

Enable Innovation is a call to action towards complimenting our partners with the right component tools and plasma based processes to achieve the best results in the development of new technologies and application for innovative products. The range of technologies offered by SiTiZn are environmental friendly, developed to reduce the energy consumption per tool and decrease cost of ownership.
SITIZN GmbH / Metzinger Str. 26 / 72585 Riederich / Germany
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